A successful claim may result in you being able to clear your mortgage by up to 70% and the lenders name taken off the deeds

chekbox Do you have a mortgage

chekbox Do you know there is an 80% possibility your mortgage has been securitised (sold on) to a 3rd party

chekbox Do you know a situation may have been created where as a result of securitisation you could benefit by clearing upto 70% of your mortgage upon a successful claim




I heard about clear your mortgage threw a friend. At first I was reluctant but I really had nothing to loose. For a small fee, I applied to get legal advice to see if I had a chance to clear my mortgage. The team at the other end of the phone were extremely helpful in assisting me to take the claim to the next level. They explained the process jargon-free and were clear and concise about what could be achieved. I am now at stage two, that much closer to clearing my mortgage! I would advise anyone reluctant to take the step just to call the experienced team and let them walk you through the steps to financial freedom, like they have done with me. Great job guys. Two thumbs up!