About us

Clear Your Mortgage is located in the heart of Birmingham in the Midlands. We have a wealth of experience in this industry. Clear Your Mortgage has collaborated with a solicitor’s firm who have spent many years researching the world of Securitisation within the financial sector. This research has led our nominated solicitors concluding that serious errors have been made during the Securitisation process. Each Securitisation process is unique as is the prospectus that is generated by an SPV* (Special purpose Vehicle) and forms the pillar of the agreement. It is the firm’s ability to intrinsically examine these documents and provide a legal opinion that is simple and clear to understand that sets us apart. We are confident that our expertise in this area are unsurpassed.

*SPV – is the practice of mortgage lenders selling mortgages to corporations. The SPV can be issued by a third-party financial company, such a large investment banking firm, or by the same bank/Lender that originated the mortgages in the first place.

Why choose us to “Clear your mortgage”?

  • We do not believe in making false claims. We therefore will provide an assurance of the following should you decide to Clear your mortgage by using our team
  • You will be provided with the direct number of your case handler who will respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.
  • You will be provided with log in details allowing you access to virtually real time updates on the progress of your case.
  • Whenever there is an update, the case handler will communicate this to you by way of your preferred method of contact.
  • The communication will always be jargon free, clear and straightforward leaving you fully aware of all developments in your case.

There will not be any hidden charges. You will pay for a service and will not pay anything further until a suitable agreement has been reached with your lender. It is as simple as that.

Find out how Clear Your Mortgage can help you by calling us on 0330 043 9896, or complete the Call Me Back form and we will call you.