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Deutsche Bank faces $14bn US probe claim

The troubled German lender says it is in early talks with justice officials over conduct dating back to the financial crisis.

Deutsche Bank faces $14bn US probe claim

The bank's half-year figures show more costs associated with past mistakes and its sale of non-core assets.

RBS faces $13billion mortgage fine in the US, raising question marks over the government’s stake sale later this year

State-backed Royal Bank of Scotland may need to pay $13billion (£8.33billion) to settle claims it misled investors in mortgage-backed securities, according to documents filed in a US court.


RBS faces large damages bill over 'enormous' mortgage deception

Judge rules RBS and Nomura made false statements when they sold mortgage-backed securities to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

After Bank of America's expected $16bn settlement: banking fines in full

With sums ranging from $968m to $8.94bn, banking giants have paid out big money since the 2008 financial crisis

The Securitization Fraud That Collapsed the U.S. Housing Market - JPMorgan Chase Mortgage Fraud

In a nearly $13 billion settlement with the US Justice Department in November 2013, JPMorganChase admitted that it, along with every other large US bank, had engaged in mortgage fraud as a routine business practice, sowing the seeds of the mortgage meltdown.

Santander 'misrepresented facts' as house repossession order overturned

A High Court judge has overturned a house repossession order after declaring the lender bank misrepresented the facts in the case.

Attention Homeowners: The Bank Does Not Own Your Bond…or You!

Gone are the days when you could have a quiet chat with your bank manager to restructure your loan repayments. Instead, banks treat the customer with disdain, making no mention whatsoever of the fact that the customer’s loan may well have been securitised.

One of UK's biggest mortgage lenders fined £10m for overcharging customers

One of Britain's biggest mortgage lenders has been handed a record £10.5 million in fines after exploiting more than 46,000 desperate homeowners.