How much compensation am I likely to win?

If it is proven that you have a valid compensation claim for either mis-selling relative to the mortgage offer or by the use/misuse of the Power of Attorney or equivalent authority, then compensation will only be received.


If the bank/lender does not have the legal and equitable right to hold a valid charge on your property, then you are entitled to have the charge removed. This would result in having an indirect benefit equal to the balance of any mortgage outstanding at the time of settlement or removal of the charge.

In most cases there will be a significant amount of benefit. Please note any ‘benefit’ may be subject to a ‘no win no fee’ deduction as part of the settlement agreement if you instruct professional advisers on a conditional fee basis.


Please note: Once you have “won” you will be provided legal defence cost cover, at no cost to you should a third party attempt to claim against you